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Dental Laboratory in Bangkok   Dental Hospital Laboratory has been open since 2009 to perform a full-service, commercially operated dental laboratory driven by a service-centered philosophy and dedicated in offering the highest levels of quality and service available to the industry for dental practitioners, clinics, hospitals, universities and laboratories in Thailand and international.

Laboratory View

KaVo Workbench

Ivoclar Furnace



Dental Hospital Laboratory features the latest products, services, and techniques available,
as well as a knowledgeable team of technicians and administrative staff paying attention
to detail while coordinating each and every case to be completed to the highest standard
and in a timely fashion. Dental Hospital Laboratory is an innovative and future-oriented
CAD/CAM technology that provides dentists and laboratories worldwide with a complete
solution utilizing only the best materials to produce dental restorations with precision fit
and perfect esthetics.

Our success is based on our technicians who share a common commitment to innovation,
skill and work together under quality control by a technician in an excellent work
environment. The architecture and interior design carefully cultivate a relaxed, peaceful,
welcoming, clean and professional ambiance surrounding in the beautiful garden.

With an innovative and future-oriented technology, it takes pride in providing the highest
quality dental laboratory work, best value and exceptional service for dental practitioners.


Hospital Hours
09.00 AM-08.00 PM
Sun 09.00 AM-04.30 PM

Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok
BTS Thong Lo & Phrom Phong

1 Administration Room
1 Store Room
1 Plaster Room
1 Casting Room
1 Removable Appliance Room
1 Laboratory Hall
1 Ceramic Room
1 Master Room
49 KaVo Masterspace Workbenches

15 Thais

Dental Hospital Bangkok - Sukhumvit 49
88/88 Sukhumvit 49, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
TEL:+66 2 260 5000/-15, FAX: +66 2 260 5026
Patient Relations: +66 2 260 5028/-30

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